How to use Transferwise


Please learn some knowledge about wise from the videos

NO.1: Signing up and Making your first wise as follows:

NO.2 Making a transfer:

If you still have no idea how to pay, you can just do as follows steps:

1. Download an APP (TransferWise)

* How to send money by using Transferwise app with Puretree (formerly lylybag):

* Or go to the Transferwise official website: 

1. Please choose “personal” -> sign up by your email and log in -> please choose your currency and fill in money amount -> pay attention to the recipient just gets VND (Vietnamese Dong) -> Please choose "VND", then  click "Continue".

2. Choose “PERSONAL”. (Please don’t choose “Business”).

3. Choose “someone else”.

4. Fill in the receiver's Wise information.

5. Choose Purpose of transaction: Send money home to family .

6. Review all information of the transaction.

7. Please just note your name in reference, no other information please!

8. Choose what you use to pay for Wise.


(1). Remind Our recipient currency is VND (Vietnamese Dong). Please choose VND (Vietnamese Dong) in recipient currency.

(2). Please don't forget to put our account number detail (WhatsApp: +84769424419 or Email: [email protected] to get information) after placing an order on the website.

(3). After you fulfill the payment, please email: [email protected] or Message to WhatsApp: (+84)769424419.

(4). When I confirm your payment successful, I will arrange the order for you as soon as possible. Your order will not be shipped until we receive payment clearly.

***We will send QC photos after 3-5 days by Email or WhatsApp. Please check information and items in photos in 24 hours. After that, if you don't have any question or queries, the package will be sent automatically.

If you don't know how to pay by the transfer wise, please contact us, we will give you some guidance.

Thank you very much! Happy shopping!


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

Gmail:  [email protected]

WhatsApp:  (+84)769424419

Puretree Team